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Wendy Haaf

Freelance writer specializing in evidence-based health content.


Hospitals, research institutions, universities, and health non-profits: need to explain the work your organization does and why it matters in terms non-scientists can understand? For 20+ years, I’ve interviewed researchers, clinicians, and patients, turning what I learn from them into stories readers can relate to.

Using those same skills, I can craft useful, engaging, evidence-backed articles and content for your magazine, online publication, or brand — whether your target audience is potential donors, patients, health professionals, alumni, parents, or another group altogether.

Other reasons to hire me? I know how to find expert sources, and sift through and assimilate large amounts of information.

But don’t take my word for it.

✰ I’m always amazed that you can process as much information as you do and lay it out so clearly. — Murray Lewis, Editor-in-Chief, Good Times magazine

With years of accumulated knowledge on a wide range of health topics, I can ask better, more informed questions of expert interviewees. And while I specialize in health, I’ve also written extensively about mental health, parenting, lifestyle, retirement destinations, and food.

✰ Very well-done! In my experience, very few (writers) can convincingly handle this topic in an engaging, interesting, unbiased, and accurate manner and translate effectively to a ‘lay’ readership. — Dr. Murray Huff, Professor Emeritus of Medicine & Biochemistry, Western University

Plus, I’ve been told I’m easy to work with.

✰ Your stories are always a treat to read — and edit!  — Anna Cristofaro, former senior editor, Good Times magazine

✰ You’re a fantastic writer; accommodating, and utterly reliable. — Ellen Rosenberg, former managing editor, Glow magazine

When I’m not toiling away on copy for my clients (under the supervision of my office manager, Newt, a miniature dachshund), you can probably find me in the kitchen, or digging through piles of plant-based recipes. I love to talk, think, and write about food, and chopping onions is as close as I get to meditating.

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As a retired trauma ortho RN I like to stay up to date. I am impressed not only with your writing, but also your thorough research. Your article on what to expect pre- and post-op for hip replacement was so useful that I cut it out and gave my own family MD a copy in hopes he would share it with any patient considering hip surgery.
The May issue’s “Living With Dry Eye” is an excellent article. I have been involved with optometrists and ophthalmologists for 15 years, and have never had the problem so succinctly explained.
While taking my mother to a doctor’s appointment, I picked up a copy of Good Times. It was the October issue, containing the article, “You and Your Thyroid”, and my mother was seeing the doctor because of thyroid issues. The article prompted some questions that we were able to ask the doctor, and it was very helpful.

I just read Wendy Haaf’s excellent article “Women and Heart Disease”. In November 2019, I had routine heart-disease tests and was told my heart was just fine. Three months later, chest pains when I was lying down sent me to the hospital. I was diagnosed with bronchitis, though I had no cough or cold. I was back in ER six times from March until September. I was tested over and over and told that I had not had a heart attack. My symptoms worsened, and I ended up undergoing open-heart surgery… Women need to be more assertive when it comes to their hearts, no matter what their age.

Good Times, April 2021

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