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I've brought Wendy in on several projects and have always been highly satisfied with the results. Wendy is an excellent interviewer and writer. Her forte is the feature article but she is also willing and capable of undertaking other tasks.
Corinne Hodgson
President, Corinne S Hodgson & Associates
Wendy is a pleasure to work with, and her copy is always punctual, engaging and insightful.
Lori Bamber
Managing Editor, RandallAnthony Communications Service Provider to The Glorbe and Mail

As a pharmacist, I must commend you on your December article, “The Truth About Generic Drugs.” It was well written and covered all the questions I hear as a pharmacist. Well done.

Good Times, Feb 2015

The February issue is, I must say, the best I have read. Especially noteworthy is Wendy Haaf’s excellent “The Best Foods for Diabetes.” This article should be made available to all Canadians, and be in the offices of all doctors, dietitians, and other health care providers.
Fantastic article. Thanks for such clear concise and informed reporting. Keep on writing medical articles. We need you!.

I have to comment on “A Guide to Parkinson’s Disease.” My mother has had the disease since 1981, when she was 48. She had deep brain stimulation in 2003, and it was very successful.

It’s hard explaining to friends what the disease is like, and that the tremor — which she doesn’t have — isn’t the hardest part. The depression and anxiety are such challenges for her. This article covered all aspects of the disease wonderfully. I’ve cut it out to share with family and the care facility where she lives. Thanks for a great article!

Name withheld

Good Times, April 2015