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Story Reposted by Diabetes Canada

When you write stories and send them out into the world, sometimes they disappear into the void. 

Did you engage the reader’s attention, and emotions? Did they learn what you were trying to communicate?

Every so often, though, I do get feedback. An email from an expert interviewee who says I’ve portrayed a topic accurately, or even to ask permission to hand the piece out to their patients. A letter to the editor reporting that thanks to an article I’d written, a reader had been alerted to the presence of a skin cancer that was then successfully treated.

Those occasional missives aren’t the only reason I love what I do. But they do give me a lift on those days when I wonder what the heck ever made me think I could write for a living.

I also consider it a great compliment when an organization that educates and advocates for patients requests permission to re-print or repost a piece I’ve written.

My thanks to Diabetes Canada for posting this piece I originally wrote for Postmedia Content Works to 

Thank-you, too, to Mafaz Ismael for sharing her story to help others with Type 2 diabetes and their loved ones.

Image by stanias Courtesy of Pixabay