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Understanding Hair Loss

Did you know that COVID infection is one of the possible causes of hair loss? Along with other infections, surgery, and weight loss, it’s one of several things that can trigger a temporary increase in how much hair a person sheds each day. 

Losing more hair than normal can also signal a wide range of medical conditions, including thyroid disorders, low iron, and autoimmune diseases, such as celiac.

So what should you do if your locks suddenly start thinning? When a Good Times reader wrote in to ask that question, I turned to Dr. Jeff Donovan, a dermatologist in Whistler, BC, who specializes in hair loss.

You can read what I learned in my latest ‘Health: Your Questions’ column: ‘Understanding Hair Loss’. 

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Donovan (who is also a Canadian Dermatology Association spokesperson) for so generously sharing his time and expertise.


Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay