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Threats to Your Balance—and What to Do About Them

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Some age-related changes in function start happening long before you might think. Take balance. Did you know it starts to decline somewhere around age 40? Most of us aren’t aware of that, because we can compensate by depending to a greater degree on other senses, like vision.

That means the silent process that can lead to an unintentional fall during your 70s or 80s started decades before that crisis point.

However, just as we can mitigate age-related loss of muscle mass and strength, so too can we shore up our balance and stability.

The how isn’t glamorous of course. You guessed it. Exercise, and repetitive practice.

And, as with muscle strength, even if you have lost ground, you can regain a good deal if you work at it. 

You can find out more by reading my latest Good Times health feature: ‘Threats to Your Balance—and What to Do About Them.’

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Photo by Marcus Aurelius Courtesy of Pexels