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Textiles, Dyes and Your Skin

Reader feedback and questions have proven to be great starting points for health columns on topics that neither my editors nor I would have thought to cover otherwise. Case in point: the ‘Your Health Questions’ column I wrote for Good Times‘ summer 2023 issue.

Following the publication of a health feature I’d written on treating troublesome skin conditions, a reader wrote in on behalf of her mother with a question that wasn’t covered in the piece. Could skin symptoms her mom was experiencing be related to certain fabrics or dyes?

I’m one of those people who practically claw off their own skin if I try wearing certain types of wool, or apply practically any brand of antiperspirant more than two days in a row. 

Still, I had never given a lot of thought to how different types of fabrics or dyes could trigger skin reactions. However, that reader’s letter did pique my curiosity, since I have skin in the game, so to speak.

Wondering what I found out? Read all about it in this column: ‘Textiles, Dyes and Your Skin.’

A big thank-you to the expert who so kindly shared her knowledge and expertise: Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, a certified dermatologist, founding director of the Bay Dermatology Centre in Toronto, and a spokesperson for the Canadian Dermatology Association

I think you’ll agree that Dr. Skotnicki has a gift for explaining the material very clearly. If you’re interested in learning more about skin allergies and skin care, I highly recommend her book, Beyond Soap: The Real Truth About What You Are Doing to Your Skin and How to Fix it for a Beautiful, Healthy Glow

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Image by Sarah Hall Courtesy of Pexels