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Is Lactose-Free the Same as Dairy-Free?

Sometimes, when you’ve written a lot about a certain topic, you assume that everyone else knows the same things you do.

Then you run into a situation that reminds you that’s not necessarily the case.

For instance, a couple of family members, who are vegan, have encountered many people who don’t know that animal foods include dairy, eggs, and even honey.

Lactose intolerance is another topic that many people may have heard of, but haven’t had a chance to explore more deeply.

Someone like that might very well ask whether ‘dairy-free’ and ‘lactose-free’ mean the same thing.

If you’d like to learn the answer to that question, check out this post I wrote for the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation: ‘Is Lactose-Free the Same as Dairy-Free’? 

If you or someone you love is living with lactose intolerance, you can find a lot more information on how to manage it on the CDHF‘s site, as well.

A big thank-you to Rosie Schwartz, registered dietitian, nutrition writer, author, and overall terrific human being, who somehow makes the time in her busy schedule to talk to me for stories like this one.

Image by bigfatcat Courtesy of Pixabay