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Bringing Hope for Diseases With Bleak Outlooks

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Diagnosed with advanced melanoma at age 37, Natalie was told she likely wouldn’t see her then 11-year-old daughters graduate from high school. 

Back then, her chances of surviving five years were at best, 28 percent.

That was in 2014. Today, the outlook for someone with the same diagnosis is much brighter, thanks to research innovation.

Medical researchers around the world are working continuously to better understand life-altering diseases, so they can devise better, more effective treatments.

You can learn a bit about that process, and read more of Natalie’s story in this story I wrote for PostMedia Content Works here: ‘Devastated By a Diagnosis of Advanced Melanoma, a Young Mother Finds Hope in Research Innovation.’

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This recorded webinar from Melanoma Canada outlines the amazing advances in treatment that have taken place in just the last seven years or so.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich Courtesy of Pexels