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World Leading Stroke Care

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In the type of writing that I do, I regularly have the privilege of being entrusted with the stories of people who’ve been through a devastating health crisis of some kind.

Sometimes, I also have an opportunity to inform readers about some of the world-leading scientists, researchers and clinicians we’re fortunate enough to have here in Canada.

A piece I wrote for the Globe Content Studio late last year showcased how advances in stroke treatment made possible in part by Canadian researchers have improved the prospects of people who experience such an event. 

The case of the former stroke patient who spoke to me was particularly dramatic. She was just 47, and otherwise healthy, when she suddenly recognized she was probably having a stroke.

A massive blood clot had blocked normal blood flow to part of her brain. Then, on her way to get medical attention, she fell, breaking her neck.

Read the story to find out what happened next. ‘How One Woman Survived Two Medical Emergencies Within Minutes of Each Other.’

Image by envandrare Courtesy of Pixabay