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Hospital Web Copy

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Recently, I was thrilled to discover that my biggest project to date has gone live.

I was fortunate enough to be included in the creation of a website for a newly formed hospital system in the US state of Maryland.

My assignment was to write two dozen pages of web copy outlining the services offered through two of their departments: Orthopedics and Physical Therapy.

It was an interesting experience. Among other things, it was the first time I’ve had to attend a seminar on brand voice, or been provided with very detailed instructions on things like sentence length. It was also my my first-ever gig through Contently

In writing the copy, however, I had a chance to put to use quite a bit of the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the years on topics I’ve covered repeatedly, such as osteoporosis, managing osteoarthritis pain, hip and knee replacement surgery, balance disorders, and stroke rehabilitation. 

It was also interesting to have a chance to explain the roles that allied health professionals play in helping people cope with a wide range of issues. For instance, you might not know that some speech language pathologists specialize in helping people with swallowing problems, while others have training in helping cancer patients cope with ‘brain fog’. Still others offer a type of therapy that’s specifically aimed at improving the difficulties people with Parkinson’s disease have with speaking loudly enough to be heard clearly.

At any rate, I’m honoured to have played a small part in helping patients and prospective patients of Luminis Health better understand their health conditions, and treatment options. And I’m thankful to the editors who provided support and guidance throughout the project, and who were simply lovely people to work with.

Here are links to the pages in question.


Physical Therapy

Photo by Anna Shvets Courtesy of Pexel