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ALLCAPS Project Wins Award

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In my freelance career, I sometimes have the privilege of getting to work with groups of very talented people on larger projects. 

Take ‘The Game Changers’, a multimedia campaign put together by the wonderful team at ALLCAPS Content for the KITE Research Institute at UHN. 

I played a small part in this storytelling project, which “featured some of the groundbreaking research, innovative ideas and incredible people we have working behind the scenes to redefine the future of rehab at UHN.”

I certainly found the virtual rehabilitation initiative I was asked to write about fascinating. And I was deeply impressed by the dedication and generosity of the people I interviewed for the story.

What’s more, my editors at ALLCAPS are highly skilled, meaning they make my work better than it would be without their input. (They’re also genuinely lovely people who are great to work with.)

I’m not the only person who believes the ALLCAPS team does first-class work. ‘The Game Changers’ was recognized twice this year by the US-based Healthcare Digital Marketing Awards. They received two ‘Golds’: one for ‘Digital Marketing Campaign’, and a second in the ‘Blogs’ category. 

You can read all 12 stories—one for each month of 2022—here.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich Courtesy of Pexels