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Quadruple Innovation Helix: Advancing Health Outcomes at the U of Ottawa

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We Canadians are a pretty humble lot. But we have a good deal to be proud of when it comes to our scientists, researchers, clinicians, universities, and other research institutions.

For a recent assignment, I got to learn about some of the incredible work that’s taking place at the University of Ottawa, future home of the groundbreaking Advanced Medical Research Centre (AMRC).

Of course, I was aware of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute’s reputation as a world leader in cardiovascular research and care. 

But before I started researching the piece I wrote for the The Excellence in Research and Innovation Report 2022 (put together by Randall Anthony Communications and published by the Globe Content Studio), I had no idea about a number of other things that make the University of Ottawa a stand-out in medical research and innovation.

For example, did you know that the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s Biotherapeutics Manufacturing Centre has more experience in the field than any other facility in the country? Or that it has produced more than a dozen cell- and virus-based products, including COVID vaccines, for clinical trials?

I spoke with Sylvain Charbonneau, the university’s Vice-President, Research and Innovation about how the new AMRC will help speed the pace at which promising new treatments developed in the research lab make their way to patients’ bedsides.

Find out more by reading the piece: ‘Quadruple Innovation Helix: Advancing Health Outcomes at the University of Ottawa.’

Image by Irene Courtesy of Pixabay