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Tool for Teaching Emotional Intelligence

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Math, language and science are important, but the skills you need to get along with other people—emotional intelligence—are equally so. They not only contribute to kids’ academic success, they also lay the foundations of good mental health and strong relationships.

But with family members spending so much time on screens, kids may be getting fewer opportunities to learn and develop these skills from in person interactions.

That’s the inspiration behind Lightouch, a new platform that uses games, among other activities, to help kids develop so-called soft skills, while also empowering parents to help their kids thrive. While it’s a virtual tool, it’s actually intended to get families to spend more time together. 

You can learn more about Lightouch, what it does, and how it came to be in this piece I wrote for StartUp Here Toronto: Fun and Games: How Lightouch’s unique platform helps kids develop emotional intelligence

My heartfelt thanks to the interviewees who so generously shared their time with me:


Photo courtesy of Lightouch