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Warts 101

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As we get older, we have a greater tendency to develop odd lumps and bumps ranging from skin tags to growths that are commonly known as senile warts. 

Common warts, on the other hand, more typically occur during childhood. But that doesn’t mean they can’t affect people 55 and older.

One of our Good Times readers, in fact, recently wrote in saying that she’d started getting warts on one hand a few years ago. She wondered what causes warts, and whether there are effective methods of treating them.

Find out the answers to those questions and more in my most recent Your Questions column.

A big thank-you to the Canadian Dermatology Association for their help in finding an expert source, and to the interviewee who so generously shared her time and knowledge:



Canadian Dermatology Association

Canadian Skin Patient Alliance

Photo by WikiMedia Images Courtesy of Pixabay