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When Your Legs Won’t Let You Sleep

You lie down at night, hoping to drift off into dreamland after a tiring day….and as you begin to feel a creepy crawly sensation in your legs, your hopes of sleep slip away. Not only is the intense discomfort too distracting, moving your legs is the only thing that offers any relief.

This is what bedtime is like for the estimated five to ten per cent of Canadians who are living with restless legs syndrome. And as you might imagine, because the condition interferes with an individual’s ability to get sufficient sleep, it can have a significant negative impact on their quality of life.

However, some people may not even mention the problem to their doctor, mistakenly believing it can’t be treated.

In fact, it’s important to alert your physician even if they’re not sabotaging your slumber, since these symptoms can sometimes signal an underlying medical condition. And if your sleep is indeed suffering, non-drug strategies can often lessen symptoms. If these don’t provide sufficient relief, medications can often be helpful.

You can learn more in this health feature I wrote for Good Times magazine’s Summer 2021 issue: ‘When Your Legs Won’t Let You Sleep.

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