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Seasonal Allergy Myths

Are your seasonal allergy symptoms no longer responding to the over-the-counter antihistamine that once offered relief from symptoms such as itchiness and runny nose?

If so, it might be tempting to simply switch to another of the brands on the drugstore shelf.

But while there’s nothing wrong with trying that, you may be better off consulting your doctor or pharmacist.

While some people may find it surprising, antihistamines are actually not the preferred treatment for moderate to severe,  persistent ‘allergic rhinitis’ or allergy-related swelling in the nose.

You can learn more about possible next steps if your over-the-counter antihistamines are no longer doing the job, in the latest (May/June 2021) Good Times reader’s question column: ‘Is it Possible My Antihistamine Has Become Less Effective?

My heartfelt thanks to the interviewee who so kindly shared his time and expertise:


Image by Joseph Mucira Courtesy of Pixabay