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Giving is Good for You

If you donate time or money to a charity, non-profit, or other cause, no doubt you do so for selfless reasons.

Talk to people who give back in such a way, and many will also confess that they feel as if they get more out of the experience than do the beneficiaries of their generosity.

But that’s just one of the benefits of giving. 

For example, older adults who volunteer tend to report better health and wellbeing than their peers.

Obviously, that shouldn’t be your main motivation for doing good. (And in fact, research suggests that giving is only good for you when you do it of your own free will.)

Curious about the other side-benefits? Check out this feature I wrote for Good Times in 2017: ‘Giving is Good for You.’ 

A big thank-you to the interviewees who so generously shared their time, stories, and expertise:


Image by John Hain Courtesy of Pixabay