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How to Ask for Help

Most of us have probably felt overwhelmed at some point — if not several points — in our lives.

It might come as a result of being diagnosed with an illness, and the steep learning curve that comes with learning to manage a chronic condition. It can happen when you’re shouldering the responsibilities that come with caring for someone else who is ill or living with a disability. The grief and confusion that comes in the wake of a loved one’s death can also make someone feel as if they’re being pulled underwater.

Whatever the circumstances, however, there are a lot of reasons that we might need help. And yet, for some reason, we’re often reluctant do so.

Why is it so hard to ask for help? And how can you screw up your courage and reach out to the people around you?

To find out, I asked two people with lived experience, and three psychologists. You can read what they had to say in my latest Good Times’ wellbeing feature: ‘How to Ask for Help.

A big thank-you to the interviewees who so generously shared their time, expertise, and wisdom:


Image by Gerd Altmann Courtesy of Pixabay