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Could Postnasal Drip be Making Me Queasy?

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Allergies to substances such as dust and pollen can cause what’s known as allergic rhinitis, the symptoms of which can include an itchy and/or runny nose, and nasal congestion. This condition affects an estimated 20 to 25 per cent of Canadians.

Allergic rhinitis can also cause post-nasal drip — when the same secretions that can exit your nose run down the back of your throat instead. 

Sometimes, this can trigger nausea. 

So if you’re experiencing periodic stomach upset, how can you tell if postnasal drip might be the culprit?

When I wrote about this for Good Times May 2019 ‘Your Health Questions’ column, an allergy specialist walked me through some of the clues that suggest that could be the case, and others that point towards other possible causes.

You can read the story here: ‘Could Postnasal Drip be Making Me Queasy?

My heartfelt thanks to the interviewee who so kindly shared her time and expertise: Dr. Anne Ellis, a professor and chair in the Department of Allergy at Queen’s University in Kingston,Ont.


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