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The Most Dangerous Skin Cancer

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Karen Jokinen didn’t think much of it when she noticed a smudge-like spot on the back of her heel. And since she couldn’t see it without using a mirror, it nearly slipped her mind entirely.

When Jokinen finally mentioned it to her doctor, who examined the mark, the physician wasn’t overly concerned, either. Still, to be sure, she arranged for Jokinen to see a specialist.

A good thing, too. As it turned out, Jokinen was among the thousands of Canadians (an estimated 8,000 in 2020) who are diagnosed with melanoma each year. 

Rates of this most dangerous form of skin cancer are on the rise. And, as with other types of cancer, risk increases with age.

Fortunately, if detected early, the prognosis is typically very good. 

Potential warning signs include an ‘ugly duckling’ mole that looks different from others. 

You can find out more about melanoma in this Good Times health feature from July/August 2019: The Most Dangerous Skin Cancer.

My heartfelt thanks to the interviewees who so kindly shared their time and expertise:



Canadian Dermatology Association (Melanoma)

Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation

Canadian Cancer Society

Melanoma Network of Canada

Image by chezbeate Courtesy of Pixabay