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Diabetes and Mood, Energy

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I’ve written hundreds — maybe even thousands — of stories on health topics over the past 20+ years, but Good Times readers still manage to come up with questions about health and nutrition topics that I haven’t encountered before.

This question that my editor decided to have me cover in the April 2020 issue is a prime example: Is it Normal for Someone with Diabetes to Have Mood Swings and Low Energy Levels?

My heartfelt thanks to the two interviewees who so generously shared their time and expertise:

  • Dr. Agron Alija, a family physician at the Active Care Medical Centre in London, Ont.
  • Shelly Jones, a certified diabetes educator and past co-chair of the professional section at Diabetes Canada.


The Diabetes Canada website also features tons of helpful information, useful tools, and even a database of delicious recipes.

Image by Paul Hunt Courtesy of Pixabay