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Eat Like a Writer Profile

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Meet me, and you’ll soon learn that food is one of my favourite things to think, talk, and write about. 

Don’t get me wrong — as a perpetually curious person, who is fascinated by science, I also love stories where I get to learn about some new development in medical research or to speak with researchers and practitioners who are passionate about what they do. Really, I couldn’t have a better job.

But writing about food is enjoyable in a different way. In part, doing so allows me to revisit wonderful meals I’ve had in the past. 

It also evokes memories of cooking, which is an important part of my daily life. Preparing food is the closest I can come to meditating — the level of attention required, and the involvement of my senses keeps me grounded in the moment. 

So I was delighted when food writer Liz Foster asked me if I’d be interested in being featured on her site, ‘Eat Like a Writer’. I really enjoyed answering the questions she sent me — it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve written something purely for fun. 

Here’s the end result. Hope you get half as much pleasure out of reading it as I did writing it.

Photo by Robert Haaf. (mint tea, Morocco)