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Six Reasons to Volunteer

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When you retire, you can lose a network of friends along with the satisfaction of accomplishing something worthwhile. 

Volunteering provides an opportunity not just to create new social connections and give back to the community — it confers a host of other psychological, and even physical benefits, to boot.

For instance, volunteering has been linked with, among other things, better blood pressure control and increased longevity. There’s also some evidence suggesting it helps keep your brain sharp.

So why not give some thought to the kinds of organizations you’d like to support, the skills you’d like to share with others, or what kind of volunteer position might fill a personal need or desire (such as the chance to see the world through a child’s eyes) while helping others?

You can find out more about the myriad benefits of donating your time and skills in this Good Times story from my back catalogue: ‘Six Benefits of Volunteering’.

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Image by Kristin Baldeschwiler Courtesy of Pixabay