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Fighting for Eldercare Reform

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seniors woman washing her hands

Dr. Samir Sinha (whose titles include director of Health Policy Research at the National Institute on Aging) had been trying to bring attention to the fissures in our eldercare system for years when the tide of COVID-related deaths in Ontario’s nursing and care homes blew them wide open. 

For so long, in fact, that you’d think might be tired, or discouraged. If so, he doesn’t show it: Sinha continues to write and speak with deep knowledge and passion about the changes we need to make if we truly want to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society during similar outbreaks in the future.

He shared his thoughts about how Canada is failing its seniors, and how we make a better job of supporting future generations of elders, when I spoke to him on behalf of the Western Alumni Gazette for this article: ‘A Canadian Crisis: Fighting for Eldercare Reform.’

Thanks once again to Dr. Sinha, who is also head of geriatrics at Toronto’s Mt. Sinai Hospital and University Health Network Hospitals, as well as the expert lead of Ontario’s Seniors Strategy.

Photo by CDC Courtesy of Unsplash