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COVID Expert Urges Caution

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Dr. Gabriel Leung, dean of medicine at Hong Kong University, was one of the scientists who announced to the world back in January 2020 that the number of deaths from COVID-19 in China were likely far higher than the government’s official count.

A specialist in public health medicine, Leung didn’t set out to become an expert on novel viral epidemics, but nonetheless ended up defining the epidemiology of SARS, influenza (H7N9), and now COVID-19. 

When I spoke to him back in August on behalf of the Western Alumni Gazette, Dr. Leung outlined how we could apply what we learned from history, and in the early days of the current pandemic, to flattening the curve of the inevitable second wave. 

You can read more about what he had to say here: ‘Global Epidemiologist Sounds Cautious Note on COVID-19.’

Thank-you again to Dr. Leung for generously sharing his time and expertise.

Photo by Adam Nieścioruk Courtesy of Unsplash