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Advances in Treating Type 2 Diabetes

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photo of a blood glucose monitor that doesn't require finger-prick

Having to stop and think every time you go to put a bite of food in your mouth. Measuring your blood sugar levels, and tracking them over time. Exercising regularly to both help keep your blood glucose under control, and ratchet down the increased risk of heart attack and stroke that comes with a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

Living a healthy life with the disease does indeed take effort, but in recent years, researchers have developed new technologies that help make it easier, as well as medications that can significantly cut down on the chance of developing life-changing complications such as kidney failure, heart disease, and premature death. 

You can find more details in my latest Good Times health feature: ‘Advances in Treating Type 2 Diabetes’. 

Thank-you to all of the interviewees who were so generous with their time and expertise:


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