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Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

photo of baby getting teeth brushed

Think that 12 months is too soon to see a dentist? Actually, the Canadian Dental Association recommends that baby’s first visit happen at age one, or as soon as the first tooth makes an appearance, whichever comes first. This gives your oral health team a chance to identify any factors that could contribute to cavity formation, and helps ensure that a child’s first experience at the dentist is a pleasant one.

But caring for your baby’s oral health should start long before she ever sees the inside of a dentist’s office. In fact, experts recommend gently wiping out your baby’s mouth after each feed, even before teeth start erupting.

You can find more tips on protecting your baby’s teeth in this story I wrote for Today’s Parent back in 2014: How to Promote Your Child’s Dental Health.

Photo by Jenny Friedrichs courtesy of Pixabay