Finding a Home in Edmundston, NB

Minutes from both Quebec and the US border, picturesque Edmundston, NB, boasts arts, culture, great food, a regional hospital, proximity to two universities, outdoor recreational opportunities galore, and inhabitants who live up to Atlantic Canada’s reputation for friendliness — yet it’s small enough that you can walk nearly everywhere. (Traffic? Here, there’s no such thing.)

Read a bit more about the region — including mouthwatering culinary specialties such as la ployé (a buckwheat griddle cake resembling a giant crumpet) and maple cream, and festivals such as La Foire Brayonne (celebrating area residents’ distinct Francophone identity), and Festival de la Bagosse (named for the signature local moonshine that was smuggled across the border during Prohibition) —  and you may very well find yourself planning a visit. 

And if you’re thinking of relocating from a larger city, local housing prices will have you double-checking to ensure you read the listing correctly. 

Come along, and visit this lovely place, by reading my latest Retirement Destinations column: Finding a Home in Edmundston, NB.

Thank-you to all of the interviewees (Louise Guerrette, Barbara Jesso, Jean Guy Marquis, Patricia Michaud (who is president of Université du Troisième Âge du Nord Ouest), and Lynne Theriault (directrice général at UTANO). Thank-you, too, to Janice Arsenault, tourism coordinator with Tourisme Edmundston and Région, for kindly loaning us photos to accompany the story and connecting me with sources; and Kimothy Stewart, communications and events officer at the New Brunswick Real Estate Association, for providing information on local home prices.

Photo courtesy of Tourisme Edmundston and Région