Discovering Digital Chat

Not all that long ago, the idea of being able to not only talk to, but see a loved one half a world away was something out of the Jetsons. (Yes, I know — I’m showing my age.) Now, with a click of a mouse or tap on your tablet screen, you can do just that, enabling you to watch as your granddaughter takes her first steps, or chat back and forth and share photos with a loved one who’s travelling. But even if you’re well versed in using your computer and smartphone, figuring out the pros and cons of the various apps and platforms that enable you connect digitally can be difficult, not to mention time-consuming.

Lucky for me, there are people who have done necessary homework and who were happy to share their expertise. Here’s what they had to say about Discovering Digital Chat. 

A big thank-you to Sarah Felker, head of technology at the West Vancouver Public Library; Samantha Mills, assistant manager, Program Planning and Evaluation, Programming and Learning Services at the Vancouver Public Library; Elias Puurunen, author of Beyond Passwords; and Jack Mlynek. 

Photo by Anton, courtesy of Pexels