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Managing High Blood Pressure

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Before giving up running due to a knee injury, John Luchetti’s blood pressure readings were enviably low. But years after giving up running due to a knee injury, at age 57, the former longtime runner received the news that his numbers had crept up into the range just below the diagnostic cut-off for hypertension. And when he nearly passed out during a hike, he knew he needed to start adopting lifestyle changes to help bring down his blood pressure and reduce his risk of heart disease and stroke, and improve his overall health. But where to start?

You can read more about how John managed to get his blood pressure readings down, and improve his overall health, by reading the health feature in Good Times magazine’s Jan/Feb 2020 issue. You’ll also learn more about what is considered a healthy blood pressure range, how hypertension is diagnosed, and maybe even get the inspiration you need to gradually adopt healthier habits yourself. Here’s the story: Managing High Blood Pressure.

A big thank-you to John, and all of the experts who kindly agreed to be interviewed for the story

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