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Nurturing Resilience

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Not all that long ago, the ability to bounce back emotionally and psychologically from life’s low points was considered a trait that, if not inborn, was fixed early in childhood. And any research looking at factors that might contribute to whether an individual developed it, or not, was limited to kids.

Now, scientists have begun to view these types of resilience as more like a seedling that we can, at least to some extent, nourish and cultivate within ourselves even into old age.

But how? In my Good Times piece, I wrote about five ways you can foster resilience in yourself.

Interested in delving into the topic further? Check out the videos of four presentations from the June 2019 town hall on frailty and resilience in aging hosted by the University of Calgary’s Brenda Stafford Centre on Aging. 

Thank-you to the experts who so generously shared their knowledge and time:

  • Theodore Cosco, PhD.
  • Clive Baldwin, PhD.
  • Dr. David Hogan.Jane Kuepfer, PhD.
  • Claire McAiney, PhD.
  • Ann Toohey, PhD.

Photo by Shepherd Chabata (Tambira Photography)courtesy of Pixabay