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How Much H20 Do You Need?

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How much water do we really need to drink in a day? Is it really the eight glasses that’s cited in one women’s magazine article after another? 

When I dove into this topic for Good Times Reader’s Question column, I discovered  we’re awash in myths about the merits of drinking water. 

For one thing — no, contrary to what many beauty and wellness writers would have us believe, there’s no evidence guzzling gallons of H20 has will prevent dry skin, or give you a glowing complexion by rinsing toxins out of your system. 

What’s more, it turns out the eight-by-eight rule wasn’t grounded in any scientific evidence when, back in 1945, the US Food and Nutrition Board recommended adults consume one millilitre of liquid per calorie of food — or two litres (roughly eight glasses) per 2,000 calories. 

So is there actually an optimum amount of liquid we need to drink every day for good health? Find out here

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