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Maybe you’re having trouble finding time to write posts for your company blog or e-newsletter. Or you know that it’s well past time to refresh your website copy, or to create a case study or white paper to boost your B2B sales. Or perhaps trying to come up with a topic for that blog post or white paper has you stumped.

Don’t beat yourself up. After all, do you cut your own hair? Or sew your own wardrobe from scratch? Even if you have the skills to, say, prepare your own taxes, doing so would take you a good deal longer than it would a professional — not to mention causing you undue stress and frustration. Paying someone who prepares taxes for a living saves you hours that you could be spending on your own business.

So why not give yourself permission to take writing projects off of your plate? Hire someone with extensive experience in writing, who also has the skills required to research a topic, then find and interview expert sources. Someone with the expertise to take a subject, and weave it into a story that will make a lasting impression on the reader. 

Does your writing project involve talking to health care providers or researchers and then translating what they have to say into language that someone without the same educational background can easily understand? That, too, is a specialized skill — one that I have honed over many years, while gaining a broad knowledge of health topics from arthritis, heart disease and cataract surgery to common childhood ailments and IVF. 

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